You're here at the perfect time. We live in a busy, fast-moving, and often chaotic world. With so many things competing for your attention it's easy to get disconnected from your spirit.  So much of what seems wrong with our lives - our health, our relationships, our self-esteem - is really just a symptom of this spiritual disconnection.  Shamanic healing offers a beautiful way back. This work will bring your spirit home. 

Shamanism holds the view that all things - humans, animals, mountains, wind - have life force, have spirit, and that we are all connected. When we allow ourselves to experience our unity with all of life we can be deeply healed and, in fact, seemingly miraculous transformation is possible.

I offer several options to facilitate your healing and expansion, from readings and energy clearings, to lessons in journeying, to beautiful and powerful rituals, cleansing and re-informing your luminous body, unwinding old dreams, and infusing them with new essence and life.

It is an honor and a joy to assist people in connecting with their spiritual selves, in living in alignment with their true being. Together we can add to the love and light in the world. 

I look forward to working with you!